donderdag 6 februari 2014


I'm always searching for ideas on how to decorate my home. Ever since I moved in it has been 'stuffed' with Ikea furniture. And almost everything is white, but this I like. It's white but not sterile and to me feels homie which is a def must. And I really like light, especially natural light. I'm a sucker for homes with nice big (huuuge) windows. Anyway, I do really want to change some of the Ikea stuff for more original pieces. For instance the coffee table. This old boy really needs some replacement, but we just can't seem to find the perfect match. So the search continues... If you have any tips? Please let me know!

While browsing the web I found this editorial of photographer Pia Ulin for the Elle Interior. I love the lighting, how they use black and white, old and new and it still looks and feels like home. I love it! Effortless chic home decorating I might say.

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