vrijdag 7 februari 2014


We made a move! From now on you can find us on www.ccenengels.com! Don't forget to drop by :-)

CC & Engels

donderdag 6 februari 2014


I'm always searching for ideas on how to decorate my home. Ever since I moved in it has been 'stuffed' with Ikea furniture. And almost everything is white, but this I like. It's white but not sterile and to me feels homie which is a def must. And I really like light, especially natural light. I'm a sucker for homes with nice big (huuuge) windows. Anyway, I do really want to change some of the Ikea stuff for more original pieces. For instance the coffee table. This old boy really needs some replacement, but we just can't seem to find the perfect match. So the search continues... If you have any tips? Please let me know!

While browsing the web I found this editorial of photographer Pia Ulin for the Elle Interior. I love the lighting, how they use black and white, old and new and it still looks and feels like home. I love it! Effortless chic home decorating I might say.

dinsdag 4 februari 2014


 I'm turning 28 today, 28! My god, time flies when you're having fun, no? I celebrated last weekend so already stuffed my face with cupcakes, indulged on some alcoholic beverages and had loads of fun with my friends and family. Today is 'just another day at the office' topped off with a nice birthday dinner with the man (I might just squeeze in some pie too).

zondag 2 februari 2014


A couple of months ago my friend introduced me to Tinder, an app where you can meet all single men (in my case) nearby. I thought, wow they make life so easy these days. After years being of the market this must be the perfect platform for me. I totally forgot how dating works. I prefer men in bars just to wear a cardboard around their neck with: "Hi I'm single! Wanna drink?" That is actually what Tinder does for you and the good thing is that it's confidential. Besides your name, age and some pictures they don't know anything about you. 

Our generation of girls was already prepared for a app like Tinder because we used to play "Dream Phone" while we were younger. A board game where you had to call fictive 'handsome' American guys with baby faces. Tinder is actually kind of board game as well or should I say a washboard game because come on, it's not about your all-so-great personality it's just a meat inspection and we girls are really picky. A guy needs to have the perfect hight, the perfect haircut, the perfect clothes/ shoes, can't be fat but definitely not to skinny, not to sportive or to lazy and in that overview from 5 pictures he needs to show us that he has a great life. Easier said then done because perfect and great are of course really subjective so you guys have to play it smart.

Here are some don'ts for you Tinder guys:
  • Never add a photo with another girl. We think it's you girlfriend and that means that you're able to cheat.
  • Don't add a photo from you and a baby. Even not when it's your cute, little cousin. Girls my age don't do guys with babies. We like to spend our Saturday afternoons drunk in a lunchroom instead of a playground.
  • If you're sportive just put one photo at your account doing for example kitesurfing. If you add more we think you would like us to join you while the reason we girls do sport is only because there are 1) hot men at the gym; 2) cute sport outfits; 3) the only way of trying to keep some balance between hangovers and healthy life but we definitely don't go for fun.                                                                
  • Don't show of your body to much even though it's pretty. We like to find out for ourselves
  • What we all notice is that most of the men wear sunglasses on the pictures. A person looks better with sunnies and a tanned skin but without you can look totally different. So if you want to avoid the "sorry-something- really-bad-happened-call" at your first date just show us some eyes. 
  • And then last but not least, delete your stunning, hot friend from your profile picture. It's such a disappointment when we slide through your pictures and find out  that you're just the 'other' guy, bummer!

Tinder is just for fun but we will never find there real, redicilous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-eachother-love. Not even in your wildest imagination. Tinder dudes are more comparable to milk, they have a an expiration date. Once they become sour you tossed them away and grab a fresh one. 

Well good luck to all you Tinder guys, play on players. 

donderdag 30 januari 2014


I'm about to hit the slopes in a month and a half and I can't wait! Since I'm not really a good skier I have to look good to compensate the lack of talent. But, I don't want to stand out to much either. How to look good while wearing (oversized) ski pants, big ski boots, even bigger hand gloves, a warm but functional jacket and a beanie (OK, this one is actually quite fashionable)? Oh, and do not forget the thermal underwear.

I try to go for the boardchick-cool (like surf-chick but in the snow, and by the way I don't do snowboarding since I'm already quite happy to manage skiing somewhat). Of course real board- or ski chicks also have their gear to show off but since I've got to go with rentals I won't go there. Try to look fashionable using accessories like (mirror) sunnies and ubercool beanies. And don't forget to dress nice underneath your functional ski jacket since you're most likely to get involved in some apr├Ęs-skiing too (no lack of talent here). At least I will. And than I always have my handsome man who is a great skier and looks good too (you've got to hate the cool kids).

Man, how cool would it be to have an all Chanel attire? To cool for school.Well, not being able to buy this kind of stuff I'm going to spend the next month and a half watching skiing videos over here www.iloveskiing.org and try to pick up some cool techniques to show off on the pistes ;-)

Are you going skiing this year?

woensdag 29 januari 2014


Last Saturday my friend asked me if I wanted to go shopping with/ for her. I couldn't resist; I love shopping!! I can do it all day, everyday if I didn't have a job to go to. 
I promised myself just to look around, inhale some inspiration and spend only a small amount of money on things I really do "need". 
We dragged ourselves trough the city all afternoon and I hardly bought anything. The last shop we went to was Mango and there they were……. the wedges I had major crush on for the last couple of months. They were sold out everywhere, even online and in other countries. Yes, that's how far I go for shoes! 

I slowly walked to the table they were standing on. I lifted up one shoe and looked under it, OH MY GOD, they were my size… I thought what might happen in the next 5 minutes I won't buy them, exclamation point! I took out my boots, put the soft leather wedges on and they fit perfectly. Even though it was my size and I finally had them on my feet I was doubting. I could use my minor budget better for groceries or my high insurance bills but when my friend stared down and said "I love them, they look so pretty on you". Then I realized maybe the reason Cinderella was so happy the shoe fit wasn't because of the prince, it was because of the shoes. SOLD!

dinsdag 28 januari 2014


Are you familiar with this term? Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. It captures exactly how I feel in just one word. I always say that when I grow up I want to be a globe-trotter. Men, I wish this could be my profession. To me, traveling is the ideal way of living. No tight schedules, no obligations, not longing for weekends because every day would be filled with fun activities and checking out all the beauty our planet has to offer. And therefor also not realistic. One could never life the rest of their lives like this, but it's OK to dream right? And maybe, just maybe, one day I will go for another one of those long trips. Exploring the world with nothing with me but what fits the backpack (not much).

It is kind of interesting to think of the reason I'm feeling this wanderlust lately. Is it the fact I'm getting closer and closer to being thirty? An in-between quarter life crisis vs thirty dilemma? Is it FOMO?  Or maybe it's just those long, dark, cold and neverending winter days. I don't know. All I know is I really want to escape the office and go out there. So much to see, so little time. Checking off al the stuff on my bucketlist is nearly possible but therefor much worth to try. Thinking of the fact I won't get to see all of these world wonders, so you like, even makes me feel anxious. And kind of jealous when other people do. If only I could win the jackpot... I would hop on that plane in heartbeat! No doubt.

zondag 26 januari 2014


I want to share a cool app with you. It is called: ROOM for thought. It is an app you can only use on your smartphone. Once a day a reminder pops up and when you open it a 10 second countdown starts and you have to get ready to take a picture. You have one shot to get it right because these photo's can not be deleted/replaced/done over. It tends to be a bit stressful sometimes ;-) Of course you could make a selfie everyday but it's more appealing to take a thing, moment, location, loved one that's iconic for that day or moment. As they say "Once a day ROOM for thought gives you 10 seconds to relax. To do nothing for a moment." They also have Instagram-like filters and the possibility for a comment to spice up the photo-post. Everyone is always rushing all day long, so how nice is it to just stand still for 10 seconds?

I found out about the app in December 2012 and really liked the idea, so I downloaded it. I started on the 1st of January 2013 and have been doing it ever since. Sometimes I missed the reminder and deadline so I don't have 365 photo's, but it's a quite good summary of my past year. I know you could also do this yourselves and don't really need an app for it. I mean, we're all addicted to Instagram right? But this is different because you don't choose the moment, the moment chooses you and you probably end up making pictures of things you normally don't see, not really. And that's on of the reasons I like it so much.

A small selection of my photo's in 2013: 1st of January 2013, Amstel Station during rush hour, drinking beers at De Biertuin, New York Mets game, pre-festival chaos at home, airplane situation, Miami beach, boat trip from hell to Formentera and the view while walking home from work on a beautiful winter night.

The ROOM for thought app can be downloaded in the App store.

zaterdag 25 januari 2014


Thursday it finally, officially started: Fashion Week Amsterdam. Me and blogger Scott W decided to go to the Late Night Cafe at the Concertgebouw. It was a night that everything came together; fashion, music, dance and exhibition.

The first performance that we saw was a combination of violin music, poetry and couture from Esther Dorhout Mees. The poem was in French so I didn't understand a thing. The only French I speak is 'A oui Paris' and 'Coco Chanel'. The poet was just repeating "lumiere, lumiere" all the time. The only Lumiere I know is the candlestick from 'Beauty and the Beast'. Now I know that Lumiere means light, what totally makes sense. 

The presentation only lasted 5 minutes for us, because of the heavy door congestion. We went up to buy some drinks or should I say, 2 Cokes. January is a alcohol free month for us but actually we could use some. At the bar there was a small stage made for 2 Pussy Riot look-a-likes, moving to house music with their fake guitars.

We heard some funky music coming from downstairs so we had a look. There was a band playing and all the hipsters and hippies were dancing, without shoes! The lead singer of the band had a tail and jumped around on his song "bounce, bounce, Mickey Mouse mother fucker, bounce". We looked at each other and decided that now was the time that we had to go home. This music is only nice to dance on when you're drunk, have taken LSD or both.

This night made me realize the meaning behind fashion and that is not what all big designers are showing us. It's a way of life and you can fill it how you want to. There will always be someone who thinks the same and wants to join.

This is how new fabulous subgroup arises

vrijdag 24 januari 2014


Oh my, the new H&M collection is to die for. New season key pieces, come to my closet please? Check out this two amazing campaign shots. And... there's more where this came from.

Need I say more? Did you already see the collection?

dinsdag 21 januari 2014


 I live in East of Amsterdam where new cafe's, restaurants, shops, coffee bars and clubs pop up like daisies. This part of the city is hot. And of course I have my favorites. 

There's one cafe I really really like. It has got that Berlin feel and looks like a living room from back in the days, De Ruyschkamer. With the ever changing furniture of Zo Goed als Oud (which is also for sale), good coffee, nice sandwiches, various flavors macarons, lots of beers and delicious Sapmeesters juices you have everything you'll need. And did I mention the boardgames they have available? Perfect for a hungover Sunday afternoon, or any random day really.

Ruyschkamer, Ruyschstraat 34

maandag 20 januari 2014


When I was just a kid I always wore sweaters and dungarees (which I'm trying hard to forget). I was a huge Spice girl fan and Sporty was my favorite. Mel C was, in my option the coolest chick in the nineties. Her tattoos, nose piercing and Adidas tracksuits were so rebellious, so cool, she was my first and worst style Icon.  

One day I spotted a picture of her in de teenage magazine. She was wearing such a fabulous cropped sweater. I looked and looked in every clothing shop to find the same jumper or something similar but without any luck. Because of that I was so happy to see that both cropped and sweaters where making their comeback this winter season. 

In a short period of time I collected almost 30 different sweaters. Black, grey, red, purple, with print or embroidery, hand beading  cropped, long, over-sized, with sleeves or without. I love them all!! They look nice on jeans, a leather pants or short skirts, with high heels or sneakers. And you know what is the best thing of all this……. they are sooooo comfortable. Normally for real fashion lovers comfortable is a 'smutty' word, it doesn't combine with looking good at all. 
But times are chancing, finally. 

But as a real fashionista I don't like to wear the same as everyone else in town. That's why i'm happy to find this website www.spreadshirt.nl. Here you can order your own customized sweater or T-shirt. Here's a tip: make one with your favorite fashion quote.

Still on my wish-list this winter is this lovely Givenchy sweater with college font and virgin image, see picture. 
What is your sweater wanna-have this season?

zaterdag 18 januari 2014


Photos: first two, Stella McCartney for Adidas. Last photo Ricardo Tisci for Nike. Photo: Nike
Since I moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago I started running. I was a student and didn't have a lot to spend so it was an easy decision. It's free, it's outside and you only need a couple of good running shoes (which is actually quite important) and your good to go. There was only one small tiny problem, I hated running. I hated it so bad I wanted to cry in gym class when we had to go for a run, or during sports training. But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. I wanted to be fit, didn't have a lot of money so I kind of had to.

I eventually started with small baby steps, interval training (not the though one). After a while (years) I needed a little bit of a challenge and started doing runs together with my sister. We started at 5 k and eventually completed the Dam tot Dam run last year, which is 16k! Something I never thought I was able to do.

Running is kind of hot lately and this is something designers see too. Sports brands like Adidas and Nike start collaborations with designers to make awesome sports collections. Even the high street brands like H&M, Mango and Bershka make cool sports collections. I know the only thing you really need is a pair of good running shoes, but hey, you want to look good too! At least I do.

So Stella McCartney and Adidas partnered up and she even designed the sportswear for the UK Olympic team in 2012. Quite cool if you ask me.

And now we have the creative director of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, who confirmed he is doing a collaboration with Nike, named NIKE RT. The collection will be available from Spring. It's great that a brand like Nike partners up witch such a big designer. They have the technology, he's got the style. I can't wait to see this collection.

What do you think of this collaborations?

donderdag 16 januari 2014


The lovely Kate Moss becomes 40 today, 40!! and still going strong. My first introduction with Miss Moss was when I was just a kid. I collected perfume ads from old magazines. It was in the nineties. In that time supermodels conquered the world with their big hairdo's, lots of make-up and buttilicious bodies but out of the blue there she was, Kate for CK One. A simple make-up less girl with a flat body, not-so-perfect teeth and greasy hair. I loved her right away. She had something special and in that time something innocent. 

Moss is the most mysterious model in the fashion world. She never gives interviews and besides her grungy boyfriends, frequent drug and alcohol consumption we don’t know much about her. In 2005 there was a big coke scandal. Someone took a picture of Kate behind the scenes while she was sniffing up a line of white powder. The world said she would be dropped by all her campaigns and never worked again. Only for her to end up with even more work than before. That’s the appeal of Kate. 
With her Rock and Roll attitude she really became and still is one of the biggest style icons of her time. Fashion lovers (including myself) adore her just-out-of-bed look. Her rocky, sometimes even dirty outfits made her so famous that even for the last couple year’s designers and fashion companies used her as an inspiration. Nice to know, Topshop is going to bring out another clothing line with Kate this spring. It will be available from the start of April, so stay tuned!

During the years Moss proved that she is a real chameleon. She always strikes the pose and everyone loves to work with her. Last year on my 27th birthday my dear, friend Scott W gave me the best present ever. It was the “KATE: THE KATE MOSS BOOK”, a tribute for her 25 years in the business. The book has 8 different covers and shows in a quick overview how good she is at her job. Even for the biggest Kate fanatic there were amazing new and unseen shots to behold.

Don’t you have a copy yet? Then go and get one. It’s a huge, every day inspiration for all fashion admirers.

dinsdag 14 januari 2014


Black is my new favorite color again and here are some items I would love to have. 

In my opinion black always is very classy and stylish. I've always had a thing with black but I gave the more colorful garments a chance too. But back to black it is. One can never go wrong with an all black look. And what to think about the Little Black Dress? I do not know one single girl that doesn't have one (or more) in her closet. It's the perfect go to item when you have no clue what to wear on that date/to work/when hungover at home etc.

Now, the items listed above range from budget to not-budget-at-all. Meaning, most of it is out of reach. The H&M boots are on my way as we speak, Chanel nailpolish I can not justify to buy since I already own a nice black polish, the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag will stay on the wishlist and does have a small chance and oh boy the Chanel Boy. A girl can dream, no?

zondag 12 januari 2014


Some girls can search a lifetime to find her favorite and 'the-most-perfect' accessory but I'm happy to tell that I found mine 3 years ago, somewhere in a small town in Holland. I called him Pijo and he's the cutest and most beautiful little pug on the planet.

Same as his mum he likes dressing up. I got him some shirts, jumpers and nice collars but his favorite is the Burberry bow tie. Once I put it around his neck he's prancing around and showing off to others.

Not only I can see how lovely and sweet these pugs are. Even the big fashion companies spotted this dog trend. H&M is selling Pug T-shirts and sweaters, Topshop sells Pug accessories and last but not least, at Asos you can buy Pug onesies.

Every time when see some of this amazing Pug stuff i'm willing to buy it but there is only a small problem. I don't want to look like these crazy breeder people, wearing dog T-shirts surrounded and licked in the face by their pack.

Is it just me or do you think the same? Can I handle a cool Zara Pug T-shirt while I'm strolling around in town with my Pijo? Or is that a bit to much?

vrijdag 10 januari 2014

woensdag 8 januari 2014


I'm going to be honest with you. I own a gazillion different types and colors of nail polish. There you have it, it's out there. 

It's just that when you want to give your look a new twist or want to give your outfit a pop of color this is the easiest product to use. When I started my nail polish collection I used to buy the high street budget ones, but things have changed. Now the addiction got worse buying the luxury brands like OPI, Essie and (the only item I can afford from) Chanel. Must say that most of the time the quality really is better and the color stays on longer. Then again, already owning every single shade possible, maybe I should stop buying. Maybe...

Anyway here are my current two favorites from Chanel, 08 Pirate and 18 Rouge noir. Do you have any favorites?

dinsdag 7 januari 2014


This year I couldn't start better by lying sick in my bed for the last few days.
There isn't a better excuse to bust out all the Sex and the City series including the two movies.

This four women always know how to cheer me up even on my worst days.
I don't know how they do it, is it the way they can spend their money, hanging out together or their fabulous one-liners?! Maybe it's just nice to know that there are four beautiful ladies overseas who's lives are even more unstable than my own.

Whatever the reason must be, they help me through my lazy, boring days in bed and given me inspiration on what to do when I'm feeling better: "sale-shopping and drinking cocktails"!

maandag 6 januari 2014


Bags, a fashion item that could easily make or break your look. And not just that it has to be practical, fit a lot of stuff and has to be easy to carry around. I've been walking around with a bag that already passed it's expiration date but couldn't be replace yet since I have no replacement. I'm eying this bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs named Goodbye Columbus Sylvie. To me it's classic yet stylish, not to big nor to small, and just looks good. Never bought a designer bag before though and the price tag... What do you think?

zondag 5 januari 2014


I'm a great fan of inspirational Fashion books. Love reading them when I have some spare time, or just flip through the pages looking at the photo's. My latest favorites listed below:

Alexa Chung - It
It-girl Alexa taking you through her style icons and the people who inspire her. Plus some usable tips stylewise.

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine
Who doesn't know Man Repeller? Awesome fashion blog, awesome writress

A year in the life of Facehunter
Since I first saw a documentary on Facehunter on tv he got my attention. Awesome photo's and great inspiration. This guy travels the whole world, in one year, five times. Jealous much?

vrijdag 3 januari 2014


I’ve always had the wish and idea to start a blog. About fashion, live, home decoration, cool gadgets, music, traveling, movies etc. Just about everything that’s on my mind. But never had the guts/energy/time/fill in excuse to get this party started. Now I’ve found my fashion-partner-in-crime who actually knows what Balenciaga is and her biggest wish in life (materialistic wise) to own a Chanel 2.55 too. We decided to partner up and here you go, first blog.

Lots of stuff to be done, but we’re out there. Next time, a little bit more about us!