donderdag 16 januari 2014


The lovely Kate Moss becomes 40 today, 40!! and still going strong. My first introduction with Miss Moss was when I was just a kid. I collected perfume ads from old magazines. It was in the nineties. In that time supermodels conquered the world with their big hairdo's, lots of make-up and buttilicious bodies but out of the blue there she was, Kate for CK One. A simple make-up less girl with a flat body, not-so-perfect teeth and greasy hair. I loved her right away. She had something special and in that time something innocent. 

Moss is the most mysterious model in the fashion world. She never gives interviews and besides her grungy boyfriends, frequent drug and alcohol consumption we don’t know much about her. In 2005 there was a big coke scandal. Someone took a picture of Kate behind the scenes while she was sniffing up a line of white powder. The world said she would be dropped by all her campaigns and never worked again. Only for her to end up with even more work than before. That’s the appeal of Kate. 
With her Rock and Roll attitude she really became and still is one of the biggest style icons of her time. Fashion lovers (including myself) adore her just-out-of-bed look. Her rocky, sometimes even dirty outfits made her so famous that even for the last couple year’s designers and fashion companies used her as an inspiration. Nice to know, Topshop is going to bring out another clothing line with Kate this spring. It will be available from the start of April, so stay tuned!

During the years Moss proved that she is a real chameleon. She always strikes the pose and everyone loves to work with her. Last year on my 27th birthday my dear, friend Scott W gave me the best present ever. It was the “KATE: THE KATE MOSS BOOK”, a tribute for her 25 years in the business. The book has 8 different covers and shows in a quick overview how good she is at her job. Even for the biggest Kate fanatic there were amazing new and unseen shots to behold.

Don’t you have a copy yet? Then go and get one. It’s a huge, every day inspiration for all fashion admirers.

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