dinsdag 14 januari 2014


Black is my new favorite color again and here are some items I would love to have. 

In my opinion black always is very classy and stylish. I've always had a thing with black but I gave the more colorful garments a chance too. But back to black it is. One can never go wrong with an all black look. And what to think about the Little Black Dress? I do not know one single girl that doesn't have one (or more) in her closet. It's the perfect go to item when you have no clue what to wear on that date/to work/when hungover at home etc.

Now, the items listed above range from budget to not-budget-at-all. Meaning, most of it is out of reach. The H&M boots are on my way as we speak, Chanel nailpolish I can not justify to buy since I already own a nice black polish, the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag will stay on the wishlist and does have a small chance and oh boy the Chanel Boy. A girl can dream, no?

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